Mood changing moon

After scanning through my moon photos there are two which baffled me completely.


Has you can see same picture of the moon but in different shades. I can tell you the camera was fine and my grandparents also looked through the scope also the dates on the photos are the same except 40 minutes between them. My first thoughts were lunar eclipse which is the moon coming in to the earth shadow align with the earth and sun and turns into a red orange colour when you look at it but looking at them again the moon is in the wrong place because the moon isn’t full. After thinking for several days I came up with a theory. Taking the knowledge of the moon performance in a lunar eclipse I began searching the solar system. Firstly I ruled out the gas giants, (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.) because they are too far away. I also ruled out Mars since out was too far away as well which leaves Mercury and Venus. I couldn’t imagine Mercury being involved because it was too small which left Venus and a question how Venus can play a part of the moon different shades. After a study session and reading about the transit of Venus it made it clearer. The theory was that the moon entered Venus shadow from the sun and change colour like the lunar eclipse. It was a good theory however there was one small kink in it. Where was Venus? And is there other theories as well?

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