STEM Ambassador

When I was recommended to be a Stem (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) ambassador by the Open university, I was thrilled and couldn’t believe my science studies are paying off. After my application was processed I had an induction. It was funny on that day because technology, known as the satnav, led me away from the building and car park after I arrived the area and when I left I got home but the satnav said I’m still at the Felaw malting. Anyway the inductions went well, (even though I was on my own) and enjoy being there and looking forward for the activities I will be participating. Few weeks later I got an email confirming that I’m an approved ambassador I felt a great thrill and hope my vision: help the young people to be inspired by science and show them how great and fun it is, becomes reality. Also after experience in the activities maybe I can hold my own science club featuring the science short courses I have studied. Will it be great launching water bottle rockets into the air, making and erupting a model volcano, taking our own figure prints or watching a Chinese lantern fly away into the distance.

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