Grand National’s unsung heroes

The Grand National is a world famous steeplechase, held annually in April where people place bets on the bookies, trainers preparing for the coming week and jockeys doing their everyday job. But out there entertaining us and risking there life’s to jump the most gruelling fences and getting abuse by the whips are the horses themselves. Thirty five horses un-necessary died within the twelve years of this century (2000 -2012) That is on average almost three horses to one year in this century and yet the list may run endless from the start of the Grand National in 1836 (except during the second world war) These horses whom ran the gauntlet survive or perished on the course deserve all the respect and credit, and people should donate their winnings from the Grand National or place their betting money to these horse charities.

Horse World –

Horse Trust –

And help them as they look after horses that are retired, rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing.


Also let us remember the thirty five horses who gave their life within the eleven years of the grand national week.

2000 -Strong Promise, Rossell Island, Architect, Lake Karible, Toni’s Tip

2001 – The Out Back Way

2002 – The last fling, Manx Magic, Desert Mountain, Anubis Quercus

2003 – Goguenard, Coolnugorna

2004 – (No deaths)

2005 – Lilium de Cotte

2006 – Tervic, Tyneandthyneagain

2007 – Lord Rodney, Into The Shadows, Graphic Approach

2008 – Time To Sell, The High Grass, Mckelvey

2009 – Hear The Echo, Exotic Dancer, Mel In Blue, Moscow Catch, Lilla Sophia

2010 – Pagan Starprincess, Prudent Honour, Plaisir D’Estraval, Schindlers Hunt

2011 – Ornais, Dooneys gate, Inventor

2012 – Synchronised, According To Pete

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