Mother nature lesson in Japan

Mother Nature took centre stage and taught us a lesson on March 11th 2011, the devastation of its natural power; unfortunately Japan was its assistance. With an earthquake register at 9.0 on the Richter scale followed by a deadly tsunami, it left Japan in a state. One natural disaster is bad enough but combined with another can lead to devastation. And since scientists examine the Earths weapons of destruction there are two blind spots there can never see,

1, when the natural disaster takes place!

2, how big is it going to be!

However there is hope and we can defend ourselves from Mother Nature’s attacks. Japan is sitting on a tectonic plate fault line and has adapted its building structures with shock absorbers and dampers like what we have on our cars, also its got re-enforce stilts and the people are trained to get outside quickly or duck underneath a very strong desk when an earthquake hit, also they had giant sea defence wall to take a hit against the tsunamis (but it was over whelmed because it sounds funny Japan sank a metre decreasing the walls size) then there’s the “tsunami go to higher ground,”

With Technology advancing I won’t be surprise if hover boots will be invented soon.

However there is one more natural disaster left which the earth has left. They can be concealed in the ground or disguise as a mountain, it launches two sorts of attacks around its area call Red and Grey with the Grey being the most devastation in seconds, and adding the word super in front of its name then it can lead to global disaster. Can you guess what it is yet or does this jog your memory


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