Stop the harp seal cull!


These beautiful creatures live around the Arctic circle. Females give birth to one pup in late February to late March. The harp seals can live up to 35 years. However in Canada the government has sanctioned a slaughter of 400,000 pups, that’s on average 1096 killed per day in a year. The slaughter is not for economic, scientific or ethical reasons. The poor defenceless seal pups are shot, clubbed and skinned to make seal type products like fur coats. There are an estimate population of 2 million seals and 400,000 pups killed each year. Imagined the slaughter ignores the quota it will take a few years for the harp seal to be an endangered or extinct (no longer exist). Help by signing the petition via the link below and spread the word.

Otherwise this will happen to another cub.


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