creepy air show

i sat down in the garden with my night vision goggles, testing them to see if they really work. it had an earpiece so i can listen into the night. all i can hear was the usual night music in the background, dogs barking, cats screeching and even the barn owl next to me was joining in. it was so same old i nearly fell asleep (well it was late at night) then all of the sudden i can hear something unusual piercing interfering with the music as if it was its time to shine on the stage. i look at the aviaries and for clues and got the long eared owls glare as if they were trying to say “you don’t belong here day timer” then the silent tune whispered in my ear. hairs flicked up from my neck try to since the intrusion and drips slither down my forehead. I raised my sight up and received a thrill down my spine. two small bats danced around the garden stage putting on an exclusive air show no cameras allowed (didn’t have one  at the time) . it only lasted a few minutes as they flew off into the distance. it was a privilege to see those amazing creatures using their sonar to navigate around the countryside.


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