Prevent the wolves from going into extinction


Wolves these fantastic nomadic pack animals survive on their instincts and teamwork. These wolves also control the ecosystems by preventing elk, deer and caribou from overgrazing and bring in tourists to see them in national parks (Yellowstone) wolves can over come anything, well also anything. In America anti-wolf extremists are on a mission to drive these creatures to extinction and they have a method of doing so.

They use radio collars to track down the packs and shoot them from the air, in a helicopter and pick them off one by one.

Poisons are used to give them a slow painful death and if the poison is being abused other animals are at threat like coyotes, wildlife and even domestic dogs!

They nearly drove them to extinction but thanks to a breeding program in 1998 their numbers went back up, but now they are on the decline again. so help by signing the petition via link below and stop the second extinction otherwise the picture above will only be a distance memory.

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