Ancient Wolves Wood

I started my trek through the woods as my car disappeared behind me as if I was transported back to the ancient times. Watched by a small bird hidden in the umbra forage

bushes, I continued to climb over small bridges, and adventured deeper into the woods. A sparrow hawk

screech above me warned everything its out to play, followed by a wood pigeon screeched back as it’s trying to say catch me if you can. I scanned the open skies for an epic show as the screeching birds sounded promising. Nothing bloomed from the skies, so I continued on the track. Spider webs laid rest in the air, trawling the wind for its late

st meal. Ladybirds been appointed on varies areas, monitored my every movement through the forest as I adventure deeper within the wood. A bird rustled the nearby bush caught my attention away from the debris of acorns

, left by the nuthatch. I creped towards it hoping to catch a suspect of the acorn massacre, but it darted through the bush and disappeared into the umbra. I gave up trying to catch him on picture wondered further into the woods. Fungi appeared along the trek and made its presence known to me. As I moved on two dragonflies dance around the bench as it memorized and sent me in trance. They disappeared and left me empty but unexpectedly another flew down and landed on the bench. The sight sent a glow in me as it allowed me to take photos as it was resting. After the amazing event I continued through the woods past small water holes then suddenly I found my car. I looked back into the woods tried to look for other secrets still concealed in the woods.

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