Prom enterprise event at Bungay

At first when i signed up for this event, my first thoughts were ‘this will be interesting’ but then i realise ‘proms, are not my cup of tea.’

But after reassurance from my supervisor  i felt okay with it and gave the nod that i will help out. Nearer to the day it became clearer, the tenth years (14-15 year olds) after split up into 32 groups of 8, the task was ‘to create a company from one of the following categories photography, food and transport. and bid for a phantom prom event. the overall winner will receive prizes.’ When i arrived at the school there was a group of us ambassadors. i was appointed the photography consultant and began working. It was good watching the students creating companies and making mood boards, business cards, tickets and pitching the actual presentation. Also it was amazing to see the high standards the students produce, however in the final judgement it down to 3 photography companies, and 2 from the other two categories. after the final judgement it was the photography group won the overall event. i felt really proud of myself but the main thing is i made new friends, becoming a stronger person and having a great time as an ambassador.

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