soft drinks enterprise

I arrived at the school doing another ambassador activity soft drink enterprise. Also I was with people from BT and HSBC which was pretty scary so I represented as Tesco with my experience of retail. I had my own office place for the first time,

Well make shift one. Children started coming in with really good ideas, like bands of flavour drinks and teaming up with Haribo. It was great being an adviser again also picked the healthiest option for lunch pizza and chips with BBQ sauce. After lunch I became a judge and done one group. I was amazed how the group was organized, from their own mock up advert, prototype of the drinks bottle to their very own mascot.

Unfortunately they didn’t win but I couldn’t compare the groups because I only had one. However as I left the school I began to think now as I have done two enterprises event will the new generation take new skill they have learnt through these events and use them in their future? I believe they can if they have the willingness to do it.

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