What a mountain?


Yes, What a mountain to climb? It’s a big challenge standing at the foot of the mountain and looking all the way up. Along the mountain’s path it hit into barriers or obstacles. however after overcoming all the obstacles and barriers that tried to prevent us continuing or even worst give up we reach the summit which is rewarding and looking back down our path not only our obstacles we beat but the impressive achievement we accomplished. This includes the tasks we try to complete in our daily lives. so how do we achieve this magnitude of a task. With a few simple steps it will become easier.


This is very helpful. Doing our research on a task ahead we give an insight for what is about to come.


My brother once told me “Adrian, if you rush into things without being prepared. You’re going to get yourself killed!” lucky it was an adventure game I was playing on but he was right. You wouldn’t travel in a dessert without water, explore underwater without anything to aid you to breathe, or trekking around the Polar Regions in just shorts and t-shirt. Do the necessary preparations for the task ahead!

Get help

A task can be beyond our abilities or a one man task, so don’t be afraid to get help from a friend. This builds a good friendship bond.

Positive thinking

I can’t do this, I’m afraid of this, it’s too hard or I give up. These little things can hinder or defeat us before we even started out. Positively is a very good thing not only it can get rid the inner demons but also it makes a good driver for the challenge. So you can do it with a positive mind and never give up.


Our rewards are the biggest motivator. Dream about receiving the rewards like a certificate, trophy, or a picture will keep us going until the picture becomes reality.

Have a break

After time your become tired and energy less. Have a break to re focus yourself, and re energise.  Then continue with a fully restored body and mind.

Let’s celebrate

After achieving the task celebrate it. Celebrating an achieve makes you feel good and gives you the surge to another task.

Now trek up the mountain and get your reward!

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