What is the best present you can give?


After the Christmas rush i wondered ‘what is the best present we can give?’ so here’s the three types of presents we give out.

Most wanted

Handing lists out to people or telling what you want/need is probably ideal. Also, reading some snippets in newspapers the children are after the 3DS. Not surprised at all its a good handheld console but being the number one most wanted doesn’t mean its the best one.

Surprised presents

This one i always try to get, surprise presents for people so when they unwrap it and get the wow factor it feels really good but the factor only lasts in the short term.

Usual suspects

These presents probably the everyday essentials help us through our lives.

However, there is one present we give to our friends and family which is cherished throughout our lives. Our presence. we give our presence everyday to people, sharing our warmth, friendship and love to each other.

Our presence to people is the best present we can give out to people and Cherish.

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