A farmer and his two fields


‘A farmer sown seeds in two fields and began work on them. Few months later, he noticed one was barren and the other was producing fruit. So he put all his effort into the fruitful field and cut his lost on the barren. Few months later he produced a good fruitful yield’

I made this parable to sum up an everyday event. Yes we not farmers in a field but in a way we are. I’ll put it in another perspective from a tweet on twitter.

‘Wasting time on empty things/people produce nothing. Spending time on true things/people produce fruitful yield’ – Riedal1 (my account)

Most of us spend time on projects, people, and items and in return get nothing back! So how about stop spending time on the wasters and concentrate on projects, people, and items that give you something back in return like in the parable above. Remember though it takes time to find out what is producing fruit and taking your time from you.

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