Grabbing opportunities (New year resolution part 2)


‘A grizzly bear called samba crawled out of his den and began his quest to fuel himself for the winter. He made his way to the beach and found a fresh carcass of a whale. He ate most of the leftovers and moved on. He followed the stream up to a good clear spot and waited. Salmon arrived to meet Samba. He grabbed one and ate it. He continued fishing the salmon and until there was none left around to catch. He spotted a deer and chased after it. He caught it with help of a high log. He ate most of it and wondered off. He foraging around the bushes and ate the berries climbed up trees to grab some honey before being driven off by the local bees. He made his way back to the den very full and tired’

Samba a small grizzly bear taken all the opportunities to survive in his little world. However there are different types of opportunities,

Whale = luck,

Whale appearing on the beach is quite lucky for the bear because how often do you see a whale beached.

Bees = obstacles

Samba had been careful with the bees in order to get his honey. They provided him an obstacle to tackle and it is a same with some opportunities. You may not be able to see the opportunity because it’s covered with obstacles. However overcoming them may see it.

Salmon = time

Samba was at the right time to pick up any salmon he wants to feast on.

Berries = easy pick

Some opportunities just lie around ready to be picked up.

Deer = chase

Some people chase their opportunities around and won’t stop till they catch them.

So why not follow his example and take the opportunities when they arrived, but beware some opportunities could come with consequences like Samba found out on his quest.

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