3, 2, 1 diet Challenge


Before doing any diets please consult a doctor
The 3 2 1 diet challenge is part of my new years resolution, which i found the internet, once upon a time ago, i’ll explain what it is?


3 main meals
breakfast, lunch, and dinner. normal size portions or you can adapt this into your diet ‘live like a king in the morning sleep like a pauper at night’ have a good breakfast in the morning because you can use all the calories during the day time but when you have tea/dinner only have a small portion because if you still have food in your stomachs during the night it may store up and convert as fat.

2 snacks
two snacks allowed excluding fruit since its mainly full of fibre. most snacks contain a lot of calories. so two a day or substitute it for fruit.

1 litre of water
drink a minimal amount of water everyday to replenish your fluids throughout the day. With proper hydration It helps your body to look healthier and function better as it replaces loses fluids and flushes you out. Helps with the exercise, weight loss and prevents injury during dieting and exercising. It helps fight illnesses and improves your immune system.

inspiration from: http://www.mangosteen-natural-remedies.com/benefits-of-drinking-water.html

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