Our talents and abilities



‘There was three people been given a new talent by their master and said “Here is your talent use it how you want to use them,” so they all went away. Alvin looked as his talent and thought how do I use this talent. He pushed it to one side and carried on. Rafter looked at his and said “good just what I needed,” he used it to his abilities to aid others. Finally, Saren looked at his and laughed ‘with this I can gain anything I want,’ so he did gain what he desires and didn’t even think about others. The master comes back and was pleased with Rafter and Saren using their new talents, but was disappointed with Alvin.’

Using our talents and abilities to our full for personal and other people’s benefits, like Rafter and Saren, can achieve anything, but not like Alvin who is wasting his talent away.

Also it’s not the talent influence the character, it’s how the character uses the talent. Believe in ourselves and use our talents or discover the hidden talents and use them to our full potential can lead to many new opportunities.


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