How to grow your talent?


‘There were two vegetable growers and they both entered in a competition which is happening in a couple of month’s time. Sarah plants her seed and watered it after two weeks the novelty wore off and once in a while she attends to it. Sofia planted hers and watered her and consistently checks it. Judging day arrives and the two vegetable growers taken their chosen vegetables to the judging area and walked away. The judges looked at them and wrote their observations down. They went to the microphone and announced “Vegetable A looks like it’s been abandon and left. Poor vegetable the best place for it is the compost heap or the bonfire. Vegetable B looks like it’s been cared for with such passion. The winner is vegetable B well done.”

Sofia deserves to win this by nurturing and raising her vegetable.

Also other people did the same nurturing and raising their talents. Jessica Ennis, Usian Bolt, Sir Steve Redgrave, Katie Melua, Roger Federer, Sir Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton, Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, David Tennant and the list goes on.

All they did was they started from scratch and grew their talents by, consistently attending, nurturing, and throughout time the talent slowly matures however, it stills continues to grow.

The main elements that help it to grow are;

· Attendance

· Nurture

· Time

Try adding the main elements to your talent and who knows what you achieve.

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