Blackberry Photography


I have been doing photography for at least 8 months. The main reason I started doing photography was a competition held by Countryfile. unfortunately I had no luck last year (2011) so I carried on taking photographs especially with my Blackberry. I was amazed by the results from my Blackberry. it had limited applications but worth it.

Close up shots

I switched to close up or Macro and can not believe how detailed the pictures came out.


I was surprised when the sun glared at me and as i taken these beautiful sunsets.

Winter Wonderland

The Snow option really brought out the snow especially during a sunset.

(And no i didn’t build the snowman he was already there.)


I went to Ickworth House and took the buildings using the Blackberry.

If you see a great view, amazing sunset, and architecture masterpiece, take a photo using your blackberry or your camera phone otherwise you may regret it!

When i created this post all the pictures came from my Blackberry hooked up to the computer.

To view more photos selected from the blackberry click here:

Blackberry gallery

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