Ickworth house (Spring 2012)


Following the meandering road, I looked for the house around the area but nothing. the trees slightly open to

tease the visitor a glimpse of the house. After greeted by a warming smile the road turned and presents us the main attraction the house. I left my car resting in the car park; I followed a path way around the back of Rotunda and explored the gardens. Even though its early spring I wasn’t expecting any flower however I was wrong. Just around the corner a small garden shown glimmers of it pride. Finished looking around I exit the gardens and wondered around the grounds. The grounds led to its

own allotment area with vegetables poking up through

the soil breathing fresh air for the first time. Near the allotments was a private family church. I would of explored around the church, however with warning signs said danger keep away, I better turn way and head off explore the grounds even more. Looked at the map

I noted a small round house was nearby. I trekked through the forest wondered what it may look like. Exit the forest and followed the path and discovered it. Nothing really interesting apart from its very spoilt and got hi tech gadgets. I first thought it was a lab but after seen the occupants in the house I wondered back into the forest. Realized I took the wrong path I carried on and discovered a small hide with bird feeds behind it. I sat down and waited and before you know it the garden birds arrived and put an amazing show. After the show and had a local made lunch I adventure out an assault course. It made me laugh because the monkey bars I can walk on the floor with my hand gripping the bars however I notice some exercises were difficult to make for the straight forward ones. Once completed the course I sat down and watch a display of lambs acting childish before heading of home and hoping to come back again.

To view more photographs click link below.

Ickworth spring 2012 set

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