Lunar Rover Project


This project is probably one of many projects i enjoy doing and entertain. It was building moon rovers and tested them on a obstacle ramp. It enlighten my childhood memories. Anyway, we try to based the Rovers on the lunar Rover from Apollo 15.

Lucky we had a test driver for the Lunar Rovers;

Some say he was brought back as a moon sample and evolved,

Some say there’s a galaxy named after him KA 5419,

We all know is he’s call the Stig?



There was two success points to make the Lunar Rover a pass;

1, The Lunar Rover makes it down the ramp.

2, Stig stays in the Lunar Rover.

Only 10 out of 40 Rover’s survived his instance testing, it came to him he wanted one thing, a race.

Luckily, Mario stepped in to take the challenge. Lined up at the start, it was equal support for the drivers and all of a sudden there off. Mario had successful booster and takes the lead, leaving the Stig eat dust. However, Mario took a shortcut and fell off the ramp leaving the Stig to take victory.

Can anyone beat the Stig?

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