Lavenham (Spring 2012)


Lavenham Guildhall of Corpus Christi

Traveling along the trail, it seems like the trees were playing games on me and send me in circles. Finally, I came out of trees game and found my destination a finest medieval village in Suffolk, Lavenham.

I put my car at rest and was greeted by a handsome church allowing the white clouds swim pass it. I entered the church to pay my respects, as I knew I was not alone. The stained glass window took everybody’s breath as we absorbed the beauty. explored the church chamber by chamber the work of each stained window was amazing. I left the church and its residents behind, and journeyed around the village. Walked around the village i discovered the Guildhall in middle around the market square.

I entered the guildhall and discovered the history of Lavenham shrunk into bite size chunks. A mummified cat called Ramesses found near a roof to scare of any evil doings. A model of the guildhall stared outside the window while the kitchen ware presented itself in the fire places. A room shown off Lavenham’s wool industry

as the spindal and loom stool in pride. A sound of a nursery rhyme Twinkle, Twinkle, Little star, beckoned me in the small room. Shockingly, I was amazed to discover the birth place of the rhyme let alone the full version ( Twinkle, Twinkle little star) because I can remember my Mum sang it to me when I was a child. After I snapped out of my childhood memories, I pulled way and discovered a room of farming equipment from the medieval times. I made my back down to the courtyard and welcomed by flowers. Finally, made my way out of the guildhall and discovered its neighbour little hall before making my way back to my well rested car.

More Pictures click on link:

Lavenham (spring 2012)

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