Watch out Jackdaw’s about?


Walking around Lakenhealth Fens to discover the Golden oriole there was a certain path where a Jackdaw stalks you. It flew at me and landed near me. It followed me and shown me how it gather small bugs beneath the soil. It followed me as if it wanted something. I gathered speed to try and get away from it. I heard a flap behind so I ducked. It missed me and landed beside me. I kept my sight on it and walked backwards. It took off and was flying straight towards my face. I shielded my eyes fearing for my sight. It roosted and perched on my right arm and stared at me. I told myself “Don’t move, whatever you do don’t move.” it trotted up to my hand and nipped it. I opened it and shown it I had nothing. It trotted around my arm and perched on my shoulder. I put my hand up to protect my sight as I feared the danger and damage it could do. It nipped my neck and hand. It also pulled some hair out and it trotted around to my left side. It flew down and began its mischief. More people came along so I passed the jackdaw on to them and quickly left the scene to continue my search for the Golden Oriole.

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