What this Eco house needs?

Arriving at the school for my next project, I carried my small k’nex model and shown it to the kids. The teacher asked the kids, “Do you want build your own or help Adrian (me) to build a big one?”

The kids screamed build a big one. I began building the house until the first group came along. I gave them the water wheel to build. Moments later, it was made and spinning successfully. They excitingly, left the table. The teacher said, “what this Eco house needs is a shed!”

The next group came along and I taught them to build a slanted shed. In success we attached it to the house and they disappeared. The teacher came up with another group and said, “Great work, but what this Eco house needs is something to collect the water!” I puffed through my nose, and set the group the task of building water barrels. The best thing was we made not one but two water barrels, and attached them to the house. We also attached the water wheel onto the house. The group disperses, and the quiet words hit my ear, “What this Eco house needs is a windmill!” I turned around and spotted a shadow covered up by the next group. I gave them the task to build a panel of the windmill each as I continued building the

house. The panel attached to the centre piece and the kids ran off back to their tables. “What this Eco house needs stabling and…” “Solar panels,” The teacher tapped me and bellowed, “Do not interrupt the teacher or would you like to do lines?”  “I will crack on send me the next the group.” They came up and laughed at the ordeal. We built the assembly house for the windmill and created the solar panels. I collapsed onto the chair as my mind was frazzled from making ideas out of thin air. The teacher came out of nowhere and said, “What this eco house needs is…” I looked at her tried to say, “One more thing an

d I will get you to do it!”

“Nothing else, it looks amazing well done,”

The children gathered around and said, “Your amazing Adrian you built a big house,”

“Correction we built this house together except your teacher.”

“I supervise the construction so we all did it together what an amazing team we are.”

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