Lakenheath Fens (Spring/Summer 2012)

Walking around Lakenheath fens to locate a rare bird that migrates from Africa to here in the spring/summer the Golden Oriole. Arrive near a forest, damselflies greeted and entertained me as I continued to walk beside the forest. The birds foraged on the fen as I walked past it. Brimstone fluttered and led me towards another fen. It revealed a swan teaching the cygnets how to forage; Heron stalked the waters and feasted on the stray fish. I returned back to the forest and continued my search for the golden oriole. Speckled woodland butterfly teased me near as if it was saying, “Unlucky.”

Unexpectedly, a yellow bird flew out and landed in a nearby bush. It emerged its head out to say, “Now you see me, now you don’t,”

It submerged back into the bushes without giving me the chance to take a picture. I returned to the car and watching a female pheasant escorting her chicks over the path, thinking “Next time I’ll get you, oriole,”

Lakenheath fens (Spring/Summer 2012)

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