I’m sorry but my mind was burning up.

I’m sorry for not keeping this blog, up to date. It is because, I have been snowed under, I didn’t know whether I was coming or going, and had a lot of anxiety and mind talk in my head which almost drove me to the depression pills. You can say my mind and possibly my life was in chaos!

Coming or going

I was travelling up and down the A14 to Bury St Edmunds Tesco store. I was alright with it but sometimes I never knew when I was going to bury until I got a phone call or a manager saying ‘fancy going to bury.’ The best thing about going to bury was that I met new people and became friends, worked in a different environment, and most of all I enjoyed the company and the people working there and I hope I can go over there again with a clearer mind.

Snowed under

I had so many things that needed doing and I tried to do them all at the same time like those plate spinners, which was a mistake. Everything felled apart and I dropped anything.

Anxiety and mind talk

This was the worst one on my head. My mind was constantly talking to me in the vilest way. it was fuelling me with hatred things like, ‘I hate …’ ‘you are lost,’ ‘they haven’t replied looks like they don’t want you or be friends with you,’ It was so vile however I managed to keep it in my head and not out through my lips

How did I resolve this?

The Olympics helped me especially when I have my own for work to think about. It was an honour to organize them and getting ready for the start of our own games at work. All my problems melted away. Also I came up with a formula to help me prevent from undoing my work and going back 2-3 years ago to my dark times.


I need to be more discipline within myself more. I know I can do it since I used to be in the boys brigade and earned the highest award ‘the queen’s badge’


I need to be organized more, plan my time, and prioritize things in order so I can concentrate on one thing at a time.


Clear out can even help. Throwing the old away and in comes the new to give you a boost of confidence and refreshing yourself.

Keep it simple

Keeping things simple is less taxing on your brain than complicated it and cause stress and pressure. I also learnt that doing things simple perfect can put someone who tries to work on complicated stuff under a lot of pressure.

As I try to get my mind, fitness and life back in order again I will definitely come back to this blog and record my life, works and opinions again, but first I have the works Olympic Games to organize, run and hopefully win.

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