The greatest experience day (and mums surprise birthday present)

I took Mum, and Dad for mum’s birthday present. We arrived at Banham zoo,

and browse around the zoo. The thing she didn’t know, is that I planned a surprise. The lemurs called us over, from their walkthrough enclosure, so I wondered in and

had close encounters with them. After exiting the enclosure, we walked around the corner, and spotted by the Meerkats being fed by a visitor. I rushed to reception and booked up couple of feeding times, and the surprise. Mum wondered what I have been up to, as I led her to the giraffe enclosure. We reach the feeding platform, and I revealed the present to her, feeding the giraffes her favourite animal.

Leaving Dad behind with the cameras, we trekked, under the supervision of the zookeeper, to the feeding platform. Carefully the giraffes approach us, trying to take the tree branches off us. They pull the branches as we handed the branches to them as if it was a tug of war. After we finished feeding them we went back to dad and mum gave me the biggest hug and said, “That was the best thing I have done, thank you,”

And yes I did get to play with the Meerkats clip_image002

If you ever get the chance to do this, go for it.

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