Photography Crisis

Yup, I am having a photography crisis, especially when it comes to storing the photos.

My flickr account has reached its maximum free limit after uploading some more photos.

I could store on my laptop but a virus could wipe the whole lot clean which I don’t want.

There are the memory sticks and external hard drives but I could lose them or worst case, use them once and it’s gone.

However, I discovered Photobucket, similar to flickr photobucket allows you to upload unlimited photos free (so they say bet there is a catch some where), but if I read it correctly may charge people of they use it for commercial use. After I got use to photobucket, hopefully I can carry on uploading the photos for the public to see.

But, there is one more thing I could do, which I was attempted to do in the first place. Print them off, store them in an album, and privately view them at our own leisure.

My Photobucket profile:

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