Wolves wood ‘Where it all began’

Wolves’ wood is where it all began. Not just my photography but everything. Around about this time last year, I came here and thought ‘there’s me moaning about my life and yet I haven’t explored areas like this place.  I kept coming back again and again and relive the great moments

I have this place, ‘robin dancing on a twig’ ‘grey squirrels coming up to me’ ‘close encounters with grass snakes’ ‘pheasants and deer playing hide and seek’ ‘dragonfly sunbathing on a bench’ and the greatest moment of them all ‘tawny owl perch on the tree stump’ which I’m still glad I have that photo of the owl. After been around taking photos of fungi and mushrooms, I perched on a bench, watching the dragonfly dancing around the pond, and collected my

thoughts on what past by in the last year, I smiled as the conclusion was ‘you have achieve so many things, grown into a better person, and the main thing all the pieces that was shattered from me years, picked up and restored making me whole again with last piece placed back by a special friend just a few days ago. As I returned to the car and thought ‘I am proud for what I have done for the past year and I’m very grateful to have a special person, thank you’

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