Lowestoft theme park project

“If you put a lot in, you will get a lot out” Roger Waller my boy’s brigade captain.

I can remember him saying that to me when I was a young boy, planning my quest to obtain the boy’s brigade highest award the queen’s badge. a few years later I managed to earn it and now the badge is in its casing with the certificate on display to remind me, ‘how it all began!”

My next ambassador project was design a theme park,

I felt great. I re-built the model theme park rides, I had that quote in my mind. When I arrived at the school with the rides covered up. The kids go “what’s under there”. It’s a surprise and head to the reception. After some coffee I purposely leave my models last to enter the room and help to set up. The thing about that day is when I carry the models in and unveil them to the kids. Their eyes lit up in amazement and when I turn the Ferris wheel motor on well you can imagine what the kids thought. As the day progress I was amaze with the kid’s models being built especially taking

inspiration from mine. But there was one moment I will treasure and probably the three children as well. They were left out from their groups so the teacher gave them to me and I set them a task to build a Ferris wheel step by step. In the end when I adjusted it a bit, I showed them what they built and gave them all the credit. They showed it to all their friends in amazement and made their day, I handed them a certificate of achievement and congratulate them for their effort.

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