Warpy Thoughts

When your depress you may hear warpy thoughts entering your head. It’s not you it’s the toxic of the depression poisoning your mind slowly suffocating it. For the first time I shall reveal what thoughts appeared in my mind and I’m sorry if I offended.

I hate (name of person)
I hate myself
your useless
you’re a loser
you can never achieve
she/he is out to get me
you can’t do this
your rubbish
you can’t get anyone
it’s time to disappear
it’s about time I’m gone
time to end my life.

Yeah scary huh. However there is a few ways to beat the thoughts back.
1, a famous CSI line ‘is there any evidence that supports it?’ and produce evidence that counters that thought like,


Warpy thought ^ positive thinking

you’re a loser ^ losing is a stepping stone to success.

You never achieve anything ^ look at that shelf of achievements.

2, sports people self-talk themselves to help them get in the zone. It may sound crazy and mad but it works. I self-talk in bowls matches when needed and won. So use it in daily life self-talk positive and not only you feel better but become more positive. Try repeating this line every so often ‘I believe in myself’

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