Ice bucket challenge

Ive been nominated by a friend to take part the als ice bucket challenge. Thanks sarah. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)—also referred to as motor neurone disease (MND), Charcot disease, and, in the United States, Lou Gehrig’s disease—is a neurodegenerative disease with various causes. It is characterised by muscle spasticity, rapidly progressive weakness due to muscle atrophy, and difficulty in speaking (dysarthria), swallowing (dysphagia), and breathing (dyspnea). ALS is the most common of the five motor neuron diseases.I nominate Charlie brown, tudor my manager, greg a colleague of mine, also tracey at my sisters work and steve Beaumont. I made a donation and for more information and/or donating click on the website or copy it into your brower

Ice Bucket Challenge With a Burpee Twist!

(unfortunately this blog hasnt got video shame)

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