What are the contributors for depression?

Contributors for depression can be anything from doing too much, car not working, your partner dumping you, or loss of something or someone. Also warpy and negative thoughts can be a contributor as well. These contributors can be small or big depending how the person is and his/her mental strength.


For example you’re blowing into a balloon. We contribute air into the balloon and it expands until it pops because it couldn’t hold any more air. Now imagine the air is depression contributors and the balloon is the depression victim. If we allow the contributors to build depression and stress inside depending how we handle it. It can go two ways.

A, we know how to release the air and slowly inflate ourselves back to normal,

B, it slowly builds up because haven’t dealt or recognise it or the contributors rapidly expanding us.

B will end up with the same result, pop!


There are ways to release it. You can find a positive or the bright side of the contributors like my car fail the mot and I had to use my holiday money to pay for repairs. The dull side no holiday which I was looking forward too, the bright side the car is legal, safe and fix to travel anyway without the worry of breaking down in the middle of nowhere and no fines and/or jail sentence for not having it legal to drive.


Another way is to talk to people about it like your family and friends and you will feel better and/or solve the problem on the spot. The Samaritans are also there for a chat as well if your friends and family are not available.  Samaritans tel 08457 90 90 90 (UK number) or email jo@samaritans.org


However if cant and you are finding it a struggle with the contributors, go and see the doctor and they should be able to help you otherwise you will go pop!

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