Look at those flowers: photography

Flowers can make good pictures. There bright and vibrant and attracts bugs like butterflies. I am quite lucky having gardener in the family. I don’t have to do all the hard work like planting and watering (unless grandparents are on holiday). Also really easy to take a good picture of a flower whether it’s a single or a bunch or had rain/spray on them. A few pointers I used:

1, Get dirty

don’t be afraid to get dirty and wear an old pair of trousers or leg clothing. So you can kneel down and get a closer look.

2, Macro or no Macro
Macro is a function that purely focus on close ups so use it or if you not confident, the target is out of bounds, don’t know it has Marco the camera can still work without it.

3, Flash
I found out by using flash it can make the picture sharper and brighter



Click on links below to granddads garden and Anglesey abbeys collection

granddads flowers
rose garden
winter garden

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