My bucket list

This is my bucket list, yes I keep adding to it but it keeps me busy and inspiration for the day and evening. Its so easy to write one there are a few points to remember:


1, have step stones towards your main target like target make 50 bracelets, stepping stone make 5 bracelets then 10 the so on.

2, make some reasonable to achieve but also a once in a lifetime experiences.



treat mum to the ultimate birthday present / (feeding the giraffes)
own a blog /
become an ambassador/
become a role model /
become a mentor
own a record
learn a new language
get fit


do 100 push ups
do 100 jack knifes
do 100 jumping jacks
Do 100 thrusts
hold the plank position for 10 minutes
tone up



travel alone/

travel with a partner

travel with family

travel to a place/ york

travel to another place
see the northern lights
see the southern lights
trek around Iceland
trek to Machu Picchu
go to an active volcano (hawaii)
see a total solar eclipse
see a total lunar eclipse
go to africa

write a travel blog/posts


start fund raising for charity (on going)
do a personal fund raising /
organize a workplace fund raising /
organize a community fund raising
beat a target


do your first activity /
do 10 activities and projects /

do 20 activities and projects /
do 50 activities and projects
do 100 activities and projects
become an expert in science
talk about the solar system/
write and perform your own activity
achieve awards / (recognition of helping young people)
give out awards /


knex models
build a theme park ride/
build a theme park/
build a motorize theme park ride/
build a motorize theme park
build a land mark


feed meerkats  /
parachute jump
Go on safari


become a captain /
win a singles competition /
win a league as captain
“7 ball” an opponent at pool
“Ace” an opponent at pool
Become runners up in the Christy cup /
Win the Christy cup at cribbage
Successfully defend a championship
Get a hot shot for lead at bowls (maximum number of shots per end)/
Get a hot shot for 2nd at bowls /
Get a hot shot for skip at bowls


fish monger
become a fish monger /
become a gold (master) fish monger
write up 10 own recipes
create a signature dish/ tuna steak on rice

create another signature dish / scallop in shells
create 10 signature dishes
create a recipe book
cook a dinner party
perform a master class


a kingfisher/
10 different butterflies/
10 different dragonflies
Catch a deer/
an action shot
a safari shot
an unbelievable space shot
create a calender /
create a photobook /
Enter a group /
Join a club

Write a blog/posts /

Write teaching post/ get to know your camera

Write another one/ look at those flowers

Write another one
Win a competition /
Win a national competition
Win a globe competition


write a short story/
write a novel/
write a series
win a competition
get a story published


Jewellery making
Learn the basics /
Learn a skill / macramé
Learn another skill / clay
Learn another skill / wire gizmo
Learn another skill
Combine your skills
Make 10 pieces of jewellery /
Make 20 pieces of jewellery /
Make 5 necklaces
Make 5 pairs of earrings
Make 10 bracelets/
Make 20 bracelets/
Make a accessory

Make a pendant/ flower

make another one/ heart
Win a competition
Enter the hall of fame
Sell a piece of jewellery/
Sell 5 pieces of jewellery


own a chess set (on going)/
become top 1000 in tetris /
carve a pumpkin /
carve 10 different designs in a pumpkin
learn a language

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