When this battle going to end? : Depression

Firstly I want to thank the friends, family, colleagues and people who have supported me during this battle.

I have to admit I had dark days as well as light days. However as long I’m here it’s a small win to me, but the depression can deliver a knockout blow at any time it wants. I have prepared myself for that blow and I am able to soften it and/or hopefully block it completely. It is a struggle every day but taking my tablet, talking to people and doing activities I enjoy doing it gets easier. One day, I will beat it and win. However the main thing is winning or losing I’m writing these depression posts about my experience with depression and hopefully generate enough awareness for other people to beat it easy and it can’t claim any more victims from its toxic suffocating poison. If you think you have it go to your GPs and if you can’t find anyone to talk to the Samaritans are also there by phone and email  Samaritans tel 08457 90 90 90 (UK number) or email jo@samaritans.org thanks for reading and go and get yourself checked out before it claims you because there was a day it nearly claimed me, but when im ready I will write about it and post the night I almost died…but survived.

2 thoughts on “When this battle going to end? : Depression

  1. Writting about depression has saved me, I like to think im helping people by writting about my experiences. Depression is such a horrible thing, its so hard to deal with. And you’re right, anyone who feels depressed should not suffer in silence, they should see a GP or talk to a charity or even talk to me! Mental Health problems are such a struggle!


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