Egyptian Goddess kit

I bought this kit from jewellery maker and it contains all this:

Yeah it’s a good kit; firstly I spotted the three reels of cord so macramé came into my mind. However, I decided to work on the earrings and yes a bit of macramé was involved.

After making the first set of earrings, the right ones, I thought I will make a charm for a bracelet. Looking at it and putting it against the earring finding I turned it into a second pair of earrings, the left ones.







Using the same design on the first set of earring I started making the centre piece for the necklace. Working out the length of the chain for the necklace and putting the finding clip on it a new necklace was forged.

Using the same design I quickly made the chain bracelet and remade the charm for it.

Then I couldn’t resist doing a bit of macramé work.

After looking at the stash I thought I could make one more item which was another bracelet using elastic

I must admit I never made any jewellery using elastic, but I gave it go. After threading the beads and spacers and tying up and gluing the knot, a new bracelet was forged and my first elastic bracelet

So, after few hours forging and crafting jewellery and I finally made a new set of jewellery hopefully fit for an Egyptian goddess.

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