Happy pills

Yes, I am on happy pills (not stating the actual pill’s name). People may and have said to me they are addictive. The pills I’m on are not addictive it’s just to keep the chemical levels in my brain balance so I can carry on with my everyday life. How to determine addiction, I think it’s the case of do I want it or do I need it. The need is something we need to help us through our life, in my case I need it the tablets for medical reasons and hoping to get off them as soon as I can when I’m fully better. Do I want is different because we want something that we don’t really need in our live and gives us a false satisfaction and it generates the wish of needing it to give us another false thrill. Also know your limits as well otherwise who knows what will happen. You can treat yourself but ask yourself this question ‘do I really need this?’ if the answer is no, don’t have it. If you have a problem with addiction or depression go and see your gps and they will set you on a path to recovery.

click on link below for more information on addiction


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