How to create a simple bracelet and earrings


All you need is beads, spacers, elastic (possibly on a reel), glue, tape measure/ruler and scissors

Measure your wrist by using a tape measure or a piece of string and measure it on a ruler for your required measurement

Thread the beads and spacers on the elastic

Keep going until you have hit your measurement requirement. (The grey measuring thing is from jewellery maker however a simple ruler tap measure will do)

Cut the excess off

Tie and pull the beads together and careful not for any off the elastic otherwise they will escape or fall of the elastic. Make the knot and dab some glue to strengthen it.

Leave over night for the glue fully set and carefully cut of any excess loose threads.


All you need are beads, spacers, a pair of fish hook earrings, findings, pilers and wire cutters

Thread the beads and spacers on to the findings

Using the pilers, bead the wire to make a hook

And wrap the wire around the pilers to create an in-complete eye

Thread on the fish hook, cut the excess wire and close the wire to form the earring

You can use different beads, spacers and earring pieces to create more pieces and with enough practice you can probably make more.

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