Warp attack (I hate …)

Every so often I have a thought that comes into my mind “I hate…” Then a person’s name. At first I used to repeat it and build up so much hatred it made me I’ll and nearly cost me and people’s friendship. Now I challenge it by talking back at it “why do you hate …” Then I think to myself why when I already know it’s not true. So if you hear me say things like this or similar (I hate…) And don’t look with it, then I am sorry, but it’s the my warpy depress mind trying to break me up. However if you do experience something like this then talk back at it by asking questions and talk positively to yourself. I know it sounds weird and crazy but sports people self-talk themselves up ready for an event. If they can do it, so can we and spend a few minute positive talks to ourselves to give us the extra boost.

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