My trance (determination, confidence and self believe)

I was playing Hyrule warriors and trying to defeat the final boss Ganon. Every attempt I failed but I grew stronger then all of a sudden I went in a trance. After a few minutes I won and realize how I triggered my trance. It was determination, confidence and self believe triggered it. I look back in my past and this wasn’t the first or the second time in fact I may have done it so many times without knowing it. A classic example was a bowls when I was captain and facing a team that was almost invincible I said to everyone I brought my secret weapon along and they all thought fish and chips which distracted another team by eating them in front of them but I did offer them all a chip. It went there to ‘let’s give them a go’ after the draw I was up against their best undefeated acting captain. Up for grabs ‘ending their home record, and denting the players 100% record. What’s to lose my 100% unbeaten captain vs captain record (7 out of 7) so, the stage was set my rink vs their rink, captain vs captain. It went well and about quarter of the way through, I went into a trance and played my heart out. At the end my rink managed to beat there’s and taking the win overall. It sent a message and I claimed another scalp for my collection a big one. during the speech everyone admitted that I played my best bowls ever and shook hands with the fallen captain for the game, as for the record it carried on to 9 and the season finished with it intact. For my trance;


Always had it in me since I was born, I never gave up and became hungry for my achievement. Also, I use failure as a stepping stone to success.


Doing an event can be very daunting but with the right coaching and repetitiveness your confidence will grow, however over doing it can cause mistakes so be careful.

Self believe

believe in yourself, think and say positive things to yourself like ‘I can do it’ ‘keep going it’s not finished yet’ ‘your stronger than you think you are’ it will slowly grow and you will feel a lot better, stronger and positive.

So go head be determined and confident. And the main thing is believe in yourself.

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