Canterbury cathedral

Proudly stands in the city centre dominating the skyline. I looked for the entrance as the shops refuse to let me pass. I found the archway entrance and adventurer in after paying the toll for its keep. The cathedral greeted me handsomely as I approached its main entrance.



The saints greeted me as I walked through the door.


It shown of its internal secrets as the glass absorb the light and shines in rainbow colours to entice to admiration.



The residents resting away in the crypts and decorative coffins peacefully, even though the vainly noise of visitors or the calm of the silent wind drifts around the cathedral failing to disturb them from there humble eternal sleep.


The altar is beckon people in as they show off their beauty craft work.


Candles glow bright sharing its light to the world and keeping the shadows at bay.

Exploring around the burial ground the tower teases around the arch ways to draw you in.

I escape from its mesmerising beauty, know its scent will draw me back.


For more photos of the cathedral click below:


Canterbury cathedral

Also my first go at creative writing

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