It’s the tablets!

Ever since I had depression and been given tablets to help me out, I kind of using has a gift. Yes depression is a horrible thing to have but with the right treatment for different cases, it can be used for good as well. Thanks to depression I’m writing a blog posts about the experience hoping to create awareness, but only a few people know I’m also using it has an entertainment. I joke about it which makes me feel better and it sends a signal to other people that I’m happy and I’m living my life and making fun of an illness that can have the potential to kill me. It’s no good dwelling the fact and making the depression stronger and conquers you. You have to conquer it and use it as an advantage. I say to people in a sarcasm way ‘that makes me depress,’ but how can I be depress when I’m already depress. Also if I go a little a bit too far with some banter and jokes I go ‘it’s the tablets/happy pills’. Never dwell on things, and use it to your own advantage since it’s a gift you receive and we all use gifts to our pleasure and advantage.


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