It’s a depression attack: second life attempt

It’s kind of hard dealing with depression with your already in its black hole. Once a week I get some sort of attack mainly warpy thoughts trying to break my strengths. the thoughts mainly come as ‘I hate …’ and/or ‘you can’t do …’ but with positive self-talking and taking a step back to look what you have achieve so far. However there was a time a second attempt has been made and it was a few weeks ago. I was on a dating website trying to make connections but failing miserable. A warpy thought ‘no one wants you’ ‘you’re not loved’ I started to get down and low and feel the depression has over taken me again. Then all of a sudden I heard ‘it’s about time I end my life’ then I clicked on to my photography and friends and family. I thought to myself ‘I am loved, block that point about dating and what do I have a happy life that’s its worth living and it will bloom once again. I broke free from the depression hole and laughed ‘not today a life is here for a main reason, living and enjoying life. yes I may not have a girlfriend but my friends, family, colleagues, and clients love me for whom I am.’ so if you’re feeling down and thinking nobody loves you, think again, your friends and family love you and respect you as you are, start believing yourself and enjoy life. If you are finding life hard and low go see a doctor to be safe than sorry.

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