Nan and her tablet

She may be my Nan but she can be a pain in the backside when it comes to technology. I taught her how to text to other people to safe her credit. Next thing after work I get a text with a shopping list from Nan. A month ago she bought a tablet on the cheap to safe her money on word search (she calls them doodle books don’t ask) and Leanne, my sister, and I downloaded some apps for her. Few days later I hear “Adrian can you help me on this level?”

“How can I do the level if I don’t know how to play the game let alone the level,”

“Beginners luck, also your good at puzzles so don’t give me that.”

After a few minutes I done the level and return to what I’ve been doing. Couple of hours later she said “Adrian I’ve got a job for you if you’re not busy.” So I went to see her about the job and see the tablet.

“Can you do this please?”

so I done the level and return to what I was doing. The next hour she came in my room and said “I’ve got a problem help.”

I rushed back in the living room and looked around. She showed me the tablet and said “I can’t do anymore levels whys that,”

I grinned and said “you need to wait for your lives to fill up or buy some more.”

Then we realise how the children run up a bill on games. Without realising they buy extra lives to carry on and items to help them finish the level off if they are stuck. We put the tablet down agreeing not to buy anything since its program to solve the level without the extras. However the most awkward thing is the sky box. Granddad and myself agree to pay halve for it and Nan conquers it. We cannot have a say because it keeps her quiet and happy. However there are times when I’m home alone with everything at my will but there is one small thing, she switches the sky box to Freeview hdd, sets her programs on record on sky and deletes my programs when she watches them or been on the box for too long even though there is an average of 90%-80% clear. I just cannot win. By the way just advice don’t hand tablets or devices with game apps to children with instant pay and cards registered otherwise you will have a shock with the bill that comes through the door.

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