I can’t believe I’m so lucky

Yes, it’s true I cannot believe I’m so lucky for what I have. Even though we and yes myself complain about ‘lack of this…’ ‘I want…’ ‘this is…’

So let’s step back and have a look at ourselves:

We have food, clean water, clothes and a roof over our heads. We have friends and family to help each other. We have jobs to earn money so we can pay for ourselves and have a treat or two. We went to school and got an education.

These are probably the basic and core positives we have in our life,

Because when we step back even further and see the wider picture. There are people struggle to find food and clean water and don’t know when the next piece of food will come in a day or two or longer. Some people can’t even read and write let alone do other things, probably there academic handicapped or didn’t receive an education. Appreciate what we have got and enjoy life because there are times we not be so lucky.

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