On the rise

“Why do we fall…so, we can learn to pick ourselves up” – batman begins

the quote has stuck with me since I very first heard it. I have to admit I fall loads of time in my life and its takes time to pick you up. It’s pretty hard at first but once you know how to do it you will stumble than fall. When event occurs that causes you to have mental block and/or you was going so well then it turns and bad luck hits you. You will fall down, but how you pick yourselves up. Depends on the situation but the last thing you want is to still rush even though everything is not going your way anyway.
For me I get low when warpy thought hit me, waiting for nothing or false hope, or people pushing me to the brink. It feels that I’m suck into oblivion and not knowing where I am and/or feel like a zombie. Also I feel darkness filling me up and I feel I’m not all there. There are a few ways that will help you returning the light back to yourself.

Going back to basics
revisiting the basics can help a lot because you don’t know if you have cut any corners or miss a vital piece that can causes the event

Change your tactic
sometimes your approach may not be the best one for the event so having a backup plan or knowing a different way of solving can help you a lot. Also it makes you unpredictable. My mum is, at the moment, can predict the out come because she always said to me, “I know you to well, you have all your bases covered.”

Walk away
if you believe an event its beyond you walk away because spending energy on it can make you ill.

Keep calm, cool and collected
by not reacting to the people jesters not only it will make you a better person and rising up from them than sinking to their level. It will wind them up as well and make them ill. Also its there problem if they can’t accept you for who you are.

Learn from your mistakes
by learning from our errors and mistakes we will be able to become better people and avoid the same fall we had because we should fall for the same mistake, error and/or trap

So when you fall or feel low, smile, laugh and pick yourself up and carry on the way you are.


Remember be positive and believe in yourself.

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