Keep on moving

What keeps driving/motivating us? Survival, family, being the best. For me I have several motivations and my family spotted one when I was young. I do have to admit ‘I hate losing’ it’s not a warpy thought it’s who I am. It got worse because I got over confident and lost my many friends but thankfully I learnt my lesson and even though I still hate it I can accept it. However there are other positive motivations and ill some of mine.

Achievement/honours list
I have one but needs updating though. But it helps when you’re down and lost yourself you can look at it and see what you have done in your life. Also it’s a little pick me up as well.

Have a bucket and/or a goal list
always have one and they are easy to write one as well. It gives you something to work towards but remember make it realistic.

Get inspired
if you’re stuck for ideas do some research and take notes. I have to admit for jewellery making I get inspiration from other designers and pre-existing pieces. Using the inspiration, I redesign and create new pieces.

Read peoples positive comments about you.
I read them and record them so I can reread them and have a booster when I’m down, but don’t let your ego grow.

Have a to do list
write down any jobs or projects you have got and prioritise them. You can prioritise them by time and importance but remember to balance them. Like working on a project when you have three weeks to go when another job/project has to be done by an early date, unless there are quick and easy jobs/projects to do that can be done in minimal amount of time.

Have a break
always have a break and recharge. Otherwise you will burn up and fall ill which you don’t want.
Challenge yourself and step out of the comfort zone.
see how far can you go because you will get bored, fed up and no success thrill  if you keep it easy and miss out on the harder challenge where the experience and rewards are greater.

Break down your targets
if you set yourself a main goal like a new language. I can imagine it’s like climbing a mountain. It’s like a game I played called ice climber where you have work up the mountain at different levels. Set yourself smaller goals which will lead up to the main goal like for languages count to ten, colours, and days of the week. So set your smaller goals or levels and climb up that mountain.

And the main thing is believe in yourself

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