Time to change

Most people have the same/similar routine every day.
Eat drink work sleep (in any order)
also there in their comfort zone where it’s easy and comfortable. People would like to change but don’t want to adventure out the comfort zone. The best time to change is when the time is right for you and not when events influence your decision to change, unless it’s unforeseen or out of your control, because you could be worse off.
Be brave to make that change or prepare yourself to change.
Some advice if you want to change.

Know your limits
always know your limits because if you are doing something that is beyond your capabilities you may cause disruption or injure yourself which could put you out of action for a while.

Push yourself

Get out of that comfort zone and start pushing yourself because there are better opportunities, rewards and experience beyond that zone.

Do your research
research on what you are about to change. It can be online or asking a second opinion however having some research and/or knowledge is better than nothing at all and you could be the next joke.

Update any documents

If you have any documents like personal records or CV update them as soon as possible because if have a document that is couple of months old and you’ve done something good like fundraising and miss it out. It may go against you as the person forgotten it when talking to you. So have things black and white and recorded.

Go to school/college/university
if you haven’t got the skills or just want to study go to school/college/university to up skilled. It can be a full academic term, evening class or online. But make sure the course has a recognise qualification otherwise you could lose money and time on something that’s not recognisable. And keep studying if you can.

Be yourself and not anybody else

Don’t be an actor; just be yourself, otherwise if you lie about something they will probably think what else you have been lying about.


So push yourself and believe you can do it.

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