Never Ending Battle


The last few weeks I have had a lot of encouragement and support which I am grateful for. However in my mind there is a constant battle between myself and a demon otherwise known as depression. It is a silent poisonous assassin, if untreated can drive people to suicide. It has made two attempts on me but I survived. I must admit I will never be able to win and defeat it however I can hold it at bay, long enough to enjoy life. I also believe that I was probably possessed by the demon at an early age of childhood. To make it easier for myself I admitted I need help and was given tablets and advice. Also I have good network of people to check on me just in case I lose control. Every day in my mind I pick up my sword of positivity and my shield of self believe and fight for survival. How do I survive everyday against the demon, I’m not sure to be honest however I do know I have a strong network of people, medical help, hobbies like photography, jewellery making and sports, and self believe. I believe I can trap the demon and enjoy life. I also believe that I can accomplish anything. For now I have to focus on identify the sources that feeds and strengthens it and cut them off. I don’t know how many there are but I know one of them and I’m slowly cutting it off. I don’t mean to offend anyone but one of the source s is the unsuccessful dating websites. The only thing great about it, it did gave me was meeting different amazing people and creating new friends which I’m thankful for and hopefully friends forever. Otherwise it was a constant false hope that fuelled the demon. As for the other sources hopefully a few they will be cut of in time since time can be a healer as well as a killer. Remember go and see the doctor if you’re not yourself and talk to someone about it since it will help. Also remember believe in yourself.

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