Two new sources discovered but it came with a price.

I discovered two more sources that fed to my depression, but it came with a price. My weight and my money. The two things that I never knew it would affect by the depression, but lucky I discovered them early. It looks like my depression can not only attack my mental state but also my weight and my finance.

when I’m depress I eat ‘comfort food’ and still am. Also I don’t exercise enough to burn it all off. So I’m planning a few light aerobic exercises like star jumps/jumping jacks and jabs/punches to start off then hopefully add more exercises to tone up.

I must of admits that I have been buying stuff to satisfy myself. But I forgot the danger of a credit card. Lucky I spotted it early before I got into serious trouble.

If you are having eating problems like too much or less, and/or spending habits increases for no reason, go to the doctor or seek help before it gets out of hand.

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